HOW LONG IS THE CLASS?  There is an option for a 30 or 55 minute class.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?  Loose comfortable clothing or your usual gym clothes. You won’t need shoes – bare feet are OK, or socks if you prefer.

I’VE NEVER DONE PILATES BEFORE SHOULD I CHOOSE A PRIVATE SESSION FIRST?  One to one classes will always be the most beneficial, but if you want to begin with a friend that’s good too. Duos are more economical of course, I recommend you take one personal training session to begin with then continue with a friend later.

WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY FIRST CLASS? Starting your first Pilates session can be nerve- racking – What if you make a fool of yourself? What will you wear? What if you’re not as fit as the teacher wants you to be?

Well don’t worry none of the above is important. You can never make a fool of yourself in my Pilates studio – I’ve been teaching for a very long time I know what I’m doing – I can help you with everything.

You can wear what’s comfortable that allows you to move – no need to buy all new and fancy active wear! You don’t need sport shoes, bare feet are OK or socks if you prefer.

Bring some water – you’ll want to keep hydrated once you get going. I’ll provide all the equipment you need for your class.

The class will be a combination of strength and mobility exercises together with flexibility, balance and coordination – all at a level you can cope with. You’ll use the Professional equipment as well as mat exercises.

It’s best to arrive a few minutes early for your first class.  Most important – bring your positive self – smiling is recommended!

See you there and remember – “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible” Joseph Pilates

DO I NEED TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Yes please. 06 73 99 37 85 by phone or by email

Email to book an appointment

HOW MANY TIMES EACH WEEK DO YOU RECOMMEND?  That really depends on you. Consistency is important I would rather you came once a week – every week, than over commit. Twice a week would be great to see results in less time.

DO I NEED TO BE FIT? Definitely not all levels of fitness are welcome – even if you have some health issues I can discuss them with you so we can work out a programme for your needs.

IS IT LIKE YOGA?  There is a similarity in that there is a mind and body connection – however, Pilates has no religious connection. The main difference is that there is a line of professional equipment that is not available to yoga. The spring tension and variety of movements add another dimension to the Pilates programme.

IS IT AEROBIC?  If you’re a beginner then initially the classes will be flowing and continuos but you probably won’t feel an aerobic response, however as you become more familiar you’ll use the Jumpboard which will add an aerobic element to your workout. In addition to the Jumpboard as the exercises become more complex the intensity will increase – Pilates is not an easy stretch as some people think, you will use your whole body from the inside out even as a beginner.

IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT?  Absolutely not I have clients ranging from 25 to 80 years young – I’ll fit the class to suit you and your ability.

WILL I LOSE WEIGHT?   80% of weight loss is due to good nutrition – however when you regularly do Pilates you will feel lighter and slimmer even if you don’t alter your eating plan because your posture will improve giving the impression of inches lost.

WHAT OTHER SERVICES DO YOU OFFER?  RETREATS and small group programmes by design.