My Pilates studio in La Garde Freinet is in the centre of a typical Provencal village that dates back to the 11th century.

It’s a calm space filled with professional Pilates equipment. Classes are by appointment either personal training or duets, small groups up to 4 people can also be arranged.

Retreats for Pilates teachers or enthusiasts may be organised the area is beautiful.  The village is surrounded by nature that calls out for walks and hiking.

Professional Pilates equipment can look a little strange to newcomers so I thought you might like a few photos with a short explanation – just in case you’re new to the Pilates System.

Once you’ve experienced this equipment you’ll be hooked – these unique machines using spring tension allows for a smooth, natural resistant effect.

During your Pilates class you’ll experience all the equipment as well as some mat exercises;  this is truly a full body workout that can be designed for all skill levels from the novice to the experienced exerciser.


The Reformer is probably the most poplar piece of Pilates equipment – a frame with a moving platform working with spring resistance.

Exercises on the Reformer can be performed laying, sitting, kneeling, standing and side laying – both on and off the machine.

It’s great for toning and shaping the whole body – originally called the Universal Reformer by Joseph Pilates the creator of the technique.


No it’s not a car! The Cadillac – sometimes called the Trapeze Table or Rack is the largest piece of Pilates equipment.  With its complete metal frame it allows exercises to be performed standing, laying in supine or prone as well as side lying.  There are even exercises performed hanging from the frame!



The story goes that Joseph Pilates designed this piece for someone who had a small apartment that could not accommodate a full Reformer.

This piece is quite challenging and excellent for those with knee problems.


This is a perfect piece to stretch and strengthen your back – it’s also great for stretching and toning legs.


As you can see the pieces can be used together to create unique effects, the Spine Corrector does exactly that – it will help you open your upper back and give a great stretch, although there are many strength exercises for this piece too.